Max Brough

My principal place of residence is in the District-Wide Councillor area.

In recent years, I've been critical of Council's performance.

Being New Plymouth born and bred, (with my principal place of residence being in the New Plymouth District Council area), I firmly believe we all feel the pressures councils impose on us. While derived from well-intentioned, often self-interested groups, their questionable decision making leaves us with the long-lasting unintended consequences.

This term crucial challenges include eye-watering inflation, skywards rates, accompanied by crumbling roading, exploding staff numbers, aspirational costly projects, alongside inevitable budget blowout risks.

Then there's the complex issues of Central v Local Government, Three Waters acrimony and Climate Change costs.

Your Vote gives voice for: Local control over assets; financial restraint on projects; improved roading, defending Ratepayer interests.

I offer my knowledge accumulated from 35+ years of successful real-world learning for what actually works.

Vote MAX BROUGH 1 for District wide Councillor.

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