Jonathan Marshall

My principal place of residence is in the District-Wide Councillor area. I am also standing for the Waitara Community Board.

Let's get to Work! - Councillors need to work for the people, they need to focus on core business for our rate payers. I am proud to live in New Plymouth. This is my vision that we - together make it our home for all people to enjoy. To make New Plymouth affordable for all of us.

As a financial adviser I come with experience in local government and on community groups and boards. We need to develop a sustainable vision for driving aspiration and hope for future generations.

I see a need for everyone to have a place for themselves to enjoy, parks open with activities, a CBD that isn't dull and drab. The need for businesses to be given an opportunity to regain pride in their business to have greater success.

Key points for Council are infrastructure, a vision of leadership, consultation, and retention of assets.

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