Hepa Te Moana

My principal place of residence is in the District-Wide Councillor area.

I was born and raised around Taranaki, a fluent Te Reo speaker and proud product of New Plymouth with professional experience in; technology, customer service, sales and entertainment - both as a business owner and employee.

In my formative years I grew up in multiple households across different backgrounds and for this reason I've been a bridge between worlds and an example for what collaboration between multiple communities can look like. At 34 years old, those 25 years and younger say I'm old and those over 40 say I'm young so once again, I find myself as a bridge, in this case - between generations.

Through my professions, my podcast, my life experience and the multiple community projects I've been a part of throughout my journey - I've found a passion in explaining and re-explaining the misunderstandings between people and finding common ground towards solutions beneficial for all.

That's us.

Q & A