Te āhuru i te huarahi

Road safety

Let's be safe when we're out walking, riding, jogging or driving. Here are some tips to keep you and everyone else safe.

We encourage drivers to ask themselves “What are you missing?”.  We want to increase awareness of other road users and highlight that we're all sharing the road - car drivers, cyclists, children walking, scooters and more. 

Walkers, cyclists and joggers should also consider how they make sure they are visible to drivers. We all need to ensure children can be easily seen on the road whether they are riding, waiting for the school bus or crossing a pedestrian crossing.

Girl on a bike in the road

Be Seen – Tīaho Mai

Walking and riding is good for your health, it’s fun, saves you money and is great for the environment.

Bright and reflective items, including clothing, backpacks/covers, reflective wrist and ankle bands, bike reflectors and bike lights, help keep you safe by improving your visibility on roads and paths.

If you are a regular commuter by riding or walking - high visibility, reflective backpack bag covers are available to help you Be Seen at the NPDC Civic Centre (Liardet St), community libraries and at the Disability Information Centre.

For more information on requirements for bike lights and reflectors click here.

Be safe Be Seen – Tīaho Mai.

Girl on a bike on the street as part of let's go school