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Ride Summertime Rolls

The Let’s Go Ride Summertime Rolls programme is managed by the Let’s Go Team at NPDC. The programme takes place over the summer months and includes approximately eight events.

The purpose of Ride Summertime Rolls is to:

  • Encourage, support and educate people about alternative forms of transport rather than a car
  • Provide a quality summer of events for the local community to attend
  • Support externally managed events that support the Lets Go mantra
  • Create positive experiences with lets Go
  • Continue to promote a lets go community
  • Educate community on the cycling network


For this event to operate under the ‘orange traffic light’ system there are requirements we need to meet in order to deliver it. These include having QR codes available for scanning, hand sanitiser available, and all participants, spectators, contractors and volunteers to be double vaccinated. Vaccine passports will be validated before the event begins within the designated event space.


See below for more information and how to register.

light ride