Let's Go projects

Let's Go projects make it easier for you to choose to walk and cycle.

Kauri Street, Pioneer Road and Huatoki Street

The Neighbourhood-Led Street Projects (NLP) are a new initiative where we are making the most of maintenance spend on local streets by using people-led street design. Let's Go are putting people first when looking at what the street needs to do, including safety, health, accessibility, functionality, and fun. Projects near schools get priority.

Mangati Walkway upgrade

The Mangati Walkway in Bell Block had an upgrade in 2011 with an extension out to De Havilland Drive. This made it possible to walk and cycle from the Coastal Walkway to the Industrial Estate without having to use the road. In 2016 more improvements were made to the section between the Coastal Walkway and Parklands Avenue.

Waiwhakaiho Walkway upgrade

In 2012 the Huatoki Walkway had its path upgraded from Carrington Street to Frankley Road. This included a new bridge connecting to Sycamore grove. In 2014 there were more improvements on the Upper Huatoki, from Frankley Street to Parsons Street including on-road improvements across to Camden Street.

Coronation Avenue (outside Highlands Intermediate)

In 2018 we worked with Highlands Intermediate to complete walking and cycling safety improvements on Coronation Avenue.

Devon Street West

In 2018 road safety improvements from Belt Road to Stuart Place were completed. They have made Devon Street West safer for walking and cycling. The next stage of this project is to complete improvements through to Belair Street.

Pendarves Street and Davies Lane

Remember when you used to be able to play in your streets? The Let's Go street projects were built in collaboration with both residents and schools, putting people first in street design. These projects were completed in 2012 and are the catalyst for the Neighbourhood-Led Projects.

Te Henui Bridges

We worked with DOC, Local iwi and TRC to build two bridges on the Te Henui Walkway providing a level walkway all the way from the Coastal Walkway through to Cumberland Street. This project was completed in 2013.

Devon Road upgrade

In 2018 the Devon Road Pathway was completed. It provides an off-road connection between Bell Block and The Valley.

Coastal Walkway extension to Tiromoana Crescent

In 2014 the Coastal Walkway was extended from Hickford Park in Bell Block a further 3.2km to Tiromoana Crescent.