Te pahi me te toha ekenga

Bus and rideshare

Taking the bus or ridesharing is an excellent way to connect with your community and reduce your environmental footprint

Bussing is not only relaxing, but also an experience. You get to meet people who live in your community, see what's happening in your neighbourhood and enjoy the scenery. You can make your bus trip more active by walking to the next stop, or how about walking to work or school and bussing home? 

For those who perhaps live rural or work outside the district, ridesharing could be the best option for you to reduce your impact on the environment, save some dollars and get to meet people in your community.

Young men smiling on the bus

How to bus

There is a regular schedule of buses servicing most areas of New Plymouth and Taranaki. Bus stops are 500m from every house in urban New Plymouth.

We work alongside the Taranaki Regional Council to provide a bus service that meets your needs. If the bus stop isn't in the "right" spot for you or doesn't have a shelter or seat and you think it needs one, please let us know.

New Plymouth bus service

Other bus services

Looking for bus options outside of New Plymouth? Check out information for travel around our Maunga below. 

Other bus services


Ridesharing is a great way to save money, meet people in your neighbourhood and reduce your impact on the environment. 

Bus timetables

Don't want to miss the bus? Make sure you check the timetable before you set out.

Bus timetable