Water Meters Pilot

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The roll-out of water meters across all residential properties in the district is a big job and we want to make sure we have our installation processes running smoothly before we tackle the district-wide installation (which starts in July 2022).

The pilot project will take place in May 2022, and will involve NPDC installing water meters at about 200 residences within the New Plymouth suburb of Brooklands.


Why Brooklands?

Brooklands is an established suburb that provides a range of properties with different installation requirements, which we’ll come across throughout the district. This includes shared water meter properties, water tobies that need relocating to the boundary, and older pipes. We’ll be able to identify issues and the solutions we’ll need for smooth installations.

The metering componentry we have available to use, ahead of the larger shipment arriving in in July, allows us to install to an area of 200 connections.

The pilot area includes:

  • All of Kaimata, Cornwall, Exeter, Clovelly and Somerset streets.
  • Brooklands Road


  • Up John street


Pilot area map

The Installation

The installation is a two-stage process. Our contractors will be in the area for approximately four weeks.

  • Getting meter ready by checking all existing in-ground meter boxes/manifolds for suitability and installing new in-ground meter boxes/manifolds where required.
  • Installing the water meters.


What to expect during installation

  • Contractors will knock on your door if they need to enter your property.
  • Your water will be switched off for about an hour while the contractor prepares the installation, and again during the meter installation at a later date.
  • When your water is turned back on you could experience air in the pipe or some residue when you first turn on your tap. This is normal and the tap should be left open for a short time until any air/residue subsides.
  • Any excavation works in the area will be backfilled and reinstated upon completion of the installation.
  • If your connection is already meter-ready and/or has an existing water meter installed, it will be checked for suitability and modified if required.
  • If your water toby is inside of your property it will be removed and a new toby installed outside your property boundary at the new meter location.
  • If you share a private water pipe, you will be sharing a water meter with your neighbour. A new shared toby will be installed with the shared meter outside the property boundary.

NPDC will undertake these works at no cost to you and with minimal disturbance.

For the next few years the way that homeowners pay for their water supply won’t change – there will continue to be a uniform annual charge as part of rates.

The exceptions are those properties classed as extraordinary supply. Extraordinary supplies are anything over and above ordinary domestic use, e.g. swimming pool, commercial or business.


Once your meter is installed, you can begin to read it and see what your daily water consumption is.

How to read your meter


Mock Billing and Go Live info


FAQs for Pilot Area


For tips on water conservation, click here.