Youth Connectedness Fund

Submissions for the Youth Connectedness Fund are open and applications are accepted from 28 July to 16 September 2022.

This fund has been created to contribute towards community groups working to re-engage young people in activities after subsequent lockdowns and disruption over the past two years. The fund seeks to address both the increased need for out-reach activity and increased transportation costs experienced by these community groups.

Applicants must demonstrate how a lift in numbers/engagement will result from increased efforts to reach young people (10-19 years old) in the community. Successful applicants should demonstrate how they will mitigate creating reliance, instead empower ongoing, independent participation. The following criteria exist of this fund:

Inclusions   Exclusions  
  • Bee Card top ups
  • Vehicle lease
  • Fuel and RUC
  • Community-based groups
  • Volunteers transporting young people that aren’t their own.
  • Taxi costs
  • Capital funding to purchase vehicles
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Education-based groups
  • Costs associated for volunteers transporting their own children.

Funding will be available as grants and are likely to be for amounts between $300 and $3,000.

Fund details
Who can apply:
Community groups
Funding length:
One year
Application process:
KPI's required:
Funding contract:
Payment type:
To group on invoice
Verbal report hui, lunch provided